S.01 - Eyes all Over (40x80 cms) 1500GBP
S.04 - The Layout (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.05 - Plantation (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.06 - Lava Flow (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.07 - Radiating Planation (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.08 - Pushing Back the Forest (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.09 - Ring of Fire (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.13 - God Particle (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.15 - Gold and Colour (60x120cms) 2000GBP
S.20 - Flying (40x80cms) 1500GBP
S.23 - Fissured (40x80cms) 2000GBP
S.02 - Evening Wave (80x40cms) 1500GBP
S.03 - Morning Wave (80x40cms) 1500GBP
S.10 - Midday Wave (80x40cms) 1500GBP
S.11 - Seperated (80x40cms) 1500GBP
S.12 - Shattered (80x40cms) 1500GBP
S.14 - Cyclone (120x60cms) 2000GBP
S.16 - Evolution (80x40cms) SOLD
S.17 - Audience (80x40cms) 2000EurosS.17 - Audience (80x40cms) 2000GBP
S.18 - All that Glitters (80x40cms) SOLD
S.19 - Small Colours (80x40cms) 2000GBP
S.22 - Random (56x46cms) 1500GBP
S.21 - Gold (38x56cms) 1500GBP

"Sculpting for the Wall"